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CellupMed is a global healthcare organization committed to providing advanced regenerative medicine. We lead the way in restoring human health with cell-centered treatments.

Pinoneer of Stem Cells Research

Our Research Labs

Welcome to CellupMed, where we pioneer the future of therapeutic innovations. Our labs were founded on the principle of exploring the potential for cell change and disease treatment.

At CellupMed’s Research Labs, we dedicate ourselves to developing advanced stem cell treatments utilizing Autologous, Mesenchymal, and Umbilical Cord Blood stem cells. Our mission revolves around improving patient quality of life through innovative cellular management and preservation.

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Pioneers in Research & Development in Stem Cells

With cutting-edge laboratories and a team of medical experts, our labs support efficient cell management and stem cell preservation. Our long-standing trust with domestic hospitals and renowned clinics is a testament to our high treatment efficacy and expertise. Furthermore, our collaboration with international entities like NSTDA, NIA, and partners in U.S., Germany, Singapore, Korea and Japan has propelled the development of diverse technologies and research projects.

International standard GMP certification*

Our commitment extends beyond innovative treatments; R&D Center produces all stem cell therapeutics in GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certified facilities. This international quality and safety standard underscores our dedication to providing the highest quality of care.

Collaboration and Achievements

We pride ourselves on our collaborative efforts with prestigious national and international research institutions, including NSTDA and NIA, and our partnerships across Germany, Singapore, Korea and Japan, contributing to global advancements in cancer cell research and stem cell therapies.

Our Services

Our labs offer a range of services from stem cell banking to specialized blood tests and personalized stem cell treatments. Tailoring treatment plans to the needs of patients and physicians, we are committed to fostering sustainable health and improved quality of life.

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