CellupMed is a global healthcare organization committed to providing advanced regenerative medicine. We lead the way in restoring human health with cell-centered treatments.

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CellupMed is a group of medical clinics and a committee organization that facilitates breakthrough treatments using Autologous / Mesenchymal / Umbilical Cord Blood stem cells and related therapies.

We serve as a resource organization, ensuring you receive the therapy you need safely and at a reasonable cost. We have been at the forefront of cell therapy for 15 years and have an outstanding team of doctors with extensive clinical experience. We are an organization of medical experts who can treat with stem cells in Asia – Korea, Japan and Thailand, etc. We provide patient-centered medical care based on trust and responsibility.

To provide global advanced regenerative medicine services, we formed an organization after evaluating hospitals, doctors, scientists and cell manufacturing facilities based on strict standards. Our members are highly trained and have at least 15 years of experience in their respective fields.

Today, regenerative treatments with cells are on the cusp of another giant leap for humanity. Through strict controlled cell culturing and differentiation, we can now stop and reverse damage to many human organs such as pancreas, liver, lungs, heart along with damage to tissues of the skin, spine, joints and cartilages.

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Pioneers in Research & Development in Stem Cells

Our laboratories invest in quality to achieve our goal of advancing scientific knowledge by enabling research and development. We operate a quality management system (QMS) in compliance with relevant and current regulatory requirements to ensure that we provide the highest quality standards. Our labs were established as an international standard cell manufacturing processing facility and have been certified with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice regulations enforced by the FDA in each nation).


Our mission is to lengthen the healthspan of humanity based on cutting-edge regenerative medicine.


Our services comply with the medical laws of each country and provide patient-centered medical care.

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