Stem Cell Therapy for Reversing Aging

We already know that mesenchymal stem cells are effective in treating anti-ageing.

The maximum human lifespan is 120 years, but what about healthy lifespan?

What is aging and anti-aging?

Life expectancy has increased due to advances in medical science. However it has come with little progress towards quality of life or the length of disease-free years in the majority of population.
Good health, strong muscles, an efficient immune system, a sharp memory and a healthy brain are characteristic of ideal youth. However, starting in your 20s, all functions begin to decline.
Aging is “The progressive failing ability of the body’s own intrinsic and genetic powers to defend, maintain and repair itself in order to keep working efficiently.”

Anti-Aging medicine aims to maintain or achieve this irrespective of chronological age i.e. to stay healthy and biologically efficient.
Everyone wants to look younger than their numerical age and delay physical decline. Here, as a new solution, you can choose stem cell treatment based on advanced medical technology.

Stem cell role in anti-aging treatment

You may not be a patient yet. But you don’t even feel like you’re very healthy. You may want to prevent high genetic risk (family history) or degenerative aging. Stem cell treatment may be the easiest and most effective option for you.

As we age, the number of stem cells decreases and their function decreases. Autologous or allogeneic stem cells help revive degenerated stem cell functions. At this time, the most recommended option is umbilical cord-derived stem cells. It is recommended to use the youngest cells. The second is autologous bone marrow or fat stem cells.

Anti-aging stem cell treatment can be selectively used for intravenous administration or local administration (face, scalp, joints, gums).

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Pathway where stem cells are injected

stemcell-injection-face and scalp
icon-stemcell-injection-knee for arthritis

When choosing stem cell therapy  for anti-aging, multiple treatments are often chosen. So, we have a package program.

Changes by stem cell treatment

What are the results of stem cell therapy for degenerative diseases?

We have experienced many positive changes in patients with stem cell therapy.

Controlling blood sugar levels
Reduces inflammation
Encourages cells to repair themselves
Promotes β cell function
Prevention of cell death
Regulation of the immune function
Metabolic hormone resistance control
Deeper sleep
Longevity and healthy lifespan are everyone's challenges

What are the 11 signs of aging?

Which aging symptoms do you currently have?

The most obvious sign of aging poorly is typically alterations in the appearance of skin. Skin fibers are affected in a number of different ways during aging and effects of this may include sun spots, patchy-looking skin, itchiness, wrinkles and general sagging.

Immune function decreases with age. This causes chronic inflammation to increase. Chronic inflammation is the starting point of various diseases and increases the risk of developing fatal diseases such as cancer, metabolic disease, brain disease, heart disease, and autoimmune disease.

Acne, Fatigue, Thyroid dysfunction, Psoriasis, Mood Problems, Food sensitivities, Rashes & other skin issues, Nutritional deficiencies, Inflammatory bowel disease, Frailty, Type 2 Diabetes, Periodontal diseases, Osteoporosis, Cardiovascular disease, etc.

Another cluster of symptoms that might point to premature aging is brain fog caused by chronic inflammation. Brain fog is characterized by several symptoms, including fatigue, irritability, concentration problems, forgetfulness, headaches, lack of motivation/mild depression, anxiety and insomnia.

Have you noticed yourself eating less?

In every person getting older, aging will impact the function of the gastrointestinal system. Common age-related symptoms in the GI tract include slower digestion (which may lead to constipation), bacterial overgrowth in the microbiome, incontinence, diarrhea, diverticulitis, poor nutrient absorption, delayed drug metabolism, stomach ulcers, GERD, polyps and alterations in the immune system.

To some extent, a small amount of weight gain can be considered a “normal” part of aging.

However, sarcopenia and increased visceral fat are the most fatal factors in aging. To prevent this, protein intake and exercise are essential.

Chronic fatigue syndrome(CFS) caused by aging may not be resolved even with long sleep. Additionally, people experience sleep problems due to hormonal changes starting from menopause. Various solutions have been proposed, but they are not easy. Consult with our team doctors. Stem cell therapy can help you sleep better.

Tender, aching joints are one of the hallmark signs of getting older and conditions like osteoarthritis become common with age as your cartilage begins to wear out. This breakdown of cartilage is known as degenerative joint disease. Joint pain is often also associated with swelling and inflammation.

Decline in vision due to age is very uncomfortable. This phenomenon makes our daily lives inefficient. You often feel your eyes aging faster than your skin aging.

A hallmark of the perception of aging, hearing loss is a very common sign of aging. While many people still think of this as a loss of sensory input, age-related hearing loss is really a problem with the neurons, blood vessels and overall biological function of the ear. It’s very closely related to oxidative stress, which can cause cell death (apoptosis) and cochlear dysfunction from the mitochondrial level.

There is a genetic component to hearing loss, but other risk factors for losing your hearing earlier than normal include diabetes, cerebrovascular disease, smoking, poor cognitive function, excessive alcohol intake, noise exposure and ear surgery.

Balance problems make it difficult for people to maintain stable and upright positions when standing, walking, and even at times, when sitting. When our balance and mobility is affected, performing activities once taken for granted, such as getting on and off a bus, or negotiating busy crowds, can be difficult and fatiguing, and can provoke anxiety.

A range of factors can cause balance problems, including:

  • Muscle weakness
  • Joint stiffness
  • Inner ear problem
  • Lack of activity and fitness
  • The impact of ageing on our joints and muscles

Even if you take good care of your health, it is inevitable that impurities accumulate in the blood and blood vessels become thicker and harder. This causes high blood pressure, hyperlipidemia, heart disease, and brain disease. Because of this, varicose veins also appear frequently.

Changes by anti-ageing stem cell treatment

Enhanced Stem Cell Therapy for Anti-Aging

UCMSC Stem cells application_rejuvenation befor and after Stem Cell therapy
  • Improved energy levels(Feeling of vitality and rejuvenation)
  • Improved cognitive impairment (preventing memory loss)
  • Reduced Blood sugar and HbA1c levels*
  • Reduced triglyceride levels
  • Significant decrease in inflammatory markers such as C-Reactive Protein
  • Reduces neuralgia and pain disorders
  • Improved kidney function
  • Improved physical activity capacity
  • Blood vessel regeneration
  • Improvement of menopausal symptoms(Improved hormone levels)
  • Increased libido
  • Improved blood pressure
  • Thickening hair and improving hair texture

Benefits of Our Stem Cell Therapy

Promotes cell regeneration by stem cell therapy

Promotes cell regeneration

Prevention of degenerative diseases by stem cell therapy

Prevention of degenerative diseases

Safety and No rejection reaction of stem cell therapy

Safety and No rejection reaction

Effective and Speedily healing

Easy and less invasive

Natural Tissue Healing by stem cell therapy

Natural Tissue Healing

High & long effect using young cells

High & long effect using young cells

Sterility Tested in GMP LABoratory

Sterility Tested in GMP LAB

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