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As you age, cellular function declines.
You can choose stem cell therapy to reset your health.

Stem Cell Therapy is already known to many people around the world. Our medical team leads you through Regenerative Medicine in the most effective and safe way.


Safety & Secure

Many international patients want three things from cell therapy: Safe, effective, secure. First of all, there were NO dangerous side effects among the numerous treatments over 15 years. And we guarantee the confidentiality of your treatment.


Numerous clinical experiences

Our medical team has 10 to 20 years of clinical experience in stem cell treatment; Focuses on anti-aging and treatment of various diseases.
This association is comprised of experts in each field with at least 15 years of experience and expertise.


International standard certification

Most patients don’t check how important research labs (cell processing centers) are for cell therapy. Our laboratories comply with international standards in the United States and Europe and are licensed and registered by the National FDA.

Stem cells can heal the body

Stem cells are the building blocks of the body and are already being used to treat a variety of diseases and aging.

Stem cells from cord tissue and blood are a very important source for regenerative medicine therapies. They are used in the treatment of diabetes, brain damage, Parkinson’s, autoimmune diseases, multiple sclerosis, autism, cleft palate, functional decline and the results are promising.

stem cell indications
What is your choice for Healthy Longevity?

Now, You can make new you.

In the past, the human lifespan was only around 50 years,  but we are already approaching nearly twice that. Human functional growth reaches its peak around 20 years of age, and after that the process of aging begins to set in. Once we pass the halfway points in our lives, a variety of infirmities can begin to appear in our bodies. This has always been something that we have taken for granted. But regenerative medicine is advancing in leaps and bounds, towards a time where we might all live out our lives in good health.
Regenerative treatments via stem cells can restore physical function that has been lost to disease and injury. We are at the advent of an era of revolutionary medical treatments that can allow us to live long, healthy lives.

Treatable diseases

UCMSC Stem cells application_rejuvenation befor and after Stem Cell therapy

Rejuvenation (Anti-ageing)

Youthful appearance, increased energy and libido, improved mental performance, and physical performance, reduced aches and pains, and improved immune system. Explore More
arthritis Stem Cell Therapy


Reduces inflammation, re-grows cartilage, reduces joint pain, improves mobility, joint stability and reduces medication requirements. Explore More
Stem cell therapy for diabetes


Reduced glycated hemoglobin (HbA1c), reduced fasting blood sugar, reduced inflammatory markers, reduced enuresis, and increased energy. Explore More
stem cell therapy for neurological disease

Neurological diseases

MCI*, Dementia, Parkinson’s: Reduces progression, improves cognitive function, and improves language skills. Explore More
Immune disorders Stem Cell Treatment

Immune disorders

Modulates immunity, reduces inflammation, reduces fatigue, reduces and improves pain, reduces skin rashes.

stem cell therapy for multiple sclerosis

Multiple sclerosis

Reduces lesions, improves mobility, reduces pain, improves fatigue, and improves cognitive function. Explore More

stem cell therapy for autism


Improved eye contact, communication and understanding, and reduced behavioral disorders and repetitive behaviors.

stem cell therapy for cerebral palsy

Cerebral palsy

Reduces spasticity, improves spasticity, improves balance and coordination, reduces seizures, and improves learning and language skills.

Liver Diseases Stem Cell Treatment

Liver Diseases

Improves liver function, eliminates jaundice, reduces fluid retention, reduces skin itching, normalizes urination and appetite.

Benefits of Our Stem Cell Therapy

Promotes cell regeneration by stem cell therapy

Promotes cell regeneration

Prevention of degenerative diseases by stem cell therapy

Prevention of degenerative diseases

Safety and No rejection reaction of stem cell therapy

Safety and No rejection reaction

Effective and Speedily healing

Easy and less invasive

Natural Tissue Healing by stem cell therapy

Natural Tissue Healing

High & long effect using young cells

High & long effect using young cells

Sterility Tested in GMP LABoratory

Sterility Tested in GMP LAB

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