Where is your body immunity?

When you catch a cold due to sudden temperature changes,

When you have a respiratory disease due to fine dust pollution,

When various abnormal signals come to the body,

Everyone says it's because of your reduced immunity.

Decreased immunity is the cause of all illnesses.

What is immunity?

Immunity is a defense system in my body that is like an army that attacks, attacks, and destroys pathogens, bacteria, viruses, fine dust, and so many cancer cells that are produced every day in our bodies.

When this defense is broken, various diseases can occur.

So where is the immunity in your body?

Immune cells that act as armed forces

Your body can also be stronger by strengthening the white blood cells that act as immune armies and the immune cells that act as Armed Forces Soldiers.

So how do these immune cells be strong?

7 immunizations from Harvard Medical School
These are the basic ones everyone should run.
It can be practiced in everyday life, but nothing is more difficult than this.
How good would it be if you could boost your immunity at once?

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