Immunotherapy boosts the immune system to fight diseases like cancer effectively.

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Immunity and Immunotherapy

Our bodies possess the immune strength we were born with. This can be thought of as a sort of defense force that hunts down and expels foreign matter from our bodies. If this strength decreases, it shouldn’t be surprising that we become susceptible to a variety of infirmities that threaten our health, ranging from colds and influenza, to more serious infections and even cancer.

is the treatment of diseases by activating or suppressing the immune system. Immunotherapies designed to elicit or amplify an immune response are classified as activation immunotherapies, while immunotherapies that reduce or suppress are classified as suppression immunotherapies.

What are stem cell types?

Types of Stem Cell

The mechanism of mesenchymal stem cells

Kinds of immunotherapy

Most aging-related diseases are greatly affected by decreased immunity and hormonal changes. Since immunity decreases with aging, most immunotherapies are used as a method of enhancing immunity.

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Articles about Stem Cells

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Human self-activating immunotherapy has a variety of treatments, depending on which cells are amplified.


(1) After collecting the patient’s blood, in CPC with highly advanced technology (2) isolating and extracting the necessary immune cells(NK cell or T Cell, etc) (3) maximizing cell numbers and activity, and (4) strictly examining the quality of the cultured cells(including cells contamination test), and (5) these cells return to the patient’s body. This series of processes can be repeated multiple times, depending on the patient’s condition.

Application of immunotherapy

These revolutionary treatments methods involve activating the cells, increasing the patient’s immunity, preventing and treating a variety of adult diseases, and reducing the risk of cancer in the future.
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